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Diabetic & Diabetic food care

Diabetic & Diabetic Foot Care

An increasing percentage of the population across the world, suffers from diabetes-related problems. As per studies, this number is set to assume epidemic proportions in the coming decades. Being one of the Hospitals giving best diabetic treatment in South Madurai. We Provide comprehensive diabetic care under signle roof. Our Main is to diagonose diabetes early and Provide long term treament with reqular assessment and follow-up by state of the art diabetes treatment facilities and a team of commited diabetes Specialist.

  • -Diabetic Investigation
  • -Diabetic Retinopathy(Smartscope)
  • -Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
  • -Regular Assessement and Follow-up
  • -Specialized Wound healing theraphy
  • -Dietician Counselling and advise
  • -24/7 Diabetic Pharmacy
  • -Biothesiometer
  • -Foot Doppler
  • -Foot Imprinter
  • -Customized Footwear
  • -VAC theraphy